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Our Work

We work on understanding social media, user behaviors, and online consumption cultures. We use a mixed method approach combining the advantages of big data that help in analyzing the overall social media landscape and netnography that give a better understanding of consumption cultures and social context of conversations. Read more about our services.

Brand Equity Based Online Reputation Management

Rating, ranking, and scrutinizing has made consumers much more critical of companies and their brands. Negative critiques are inherently interesting and share-able and leap from social sites into the arms of journalists and the mainstream press where they cause a lot of damage to your brand. Moreover, among Indians and world wide there is a decline in trust on traditional media for purchase. In India, there is a 21% decline in confidence on TV advertising for purchase in India.

We help manage your online reputation by constantly monitoring the web for conversations that matter and by regularly engaging with netizens. This is strategically oriented towards building your digital brand equity.

Social media research and analytics

Big Data

Big Data has numerous advantages with one particular being gaining insights into the overall social media landscape.
Every second of every day, Big Data gets bigger. Social media alone generates endless streams of data, flowing in from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites like never before. In marketing and research it promises to enable a new era of understanding people not by asking their preference but by deriving it from their conversations. Organizations that embrace business analytics outperform their competition. Read More


Netnography is the branch of ethnography that analyses the free behaviour of individuals on the Internet that uses online marketing research techniques to provide useful insights. As a method, “netnography” can be faster, simpler, and less expensive than ethnography, and more naturalistic and unobtrusive than focus groups or interviews.

Netnography when combined with data crawling on the web using text analytics, entity extraction gives a broader understanding of social media landscape on a particular topic. Read More

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